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Meet the gang


Age: 12

Best friends: Holly and Matt

Character: Zany, bright, loves problem solving

Hobbies: Computer games, surfing, football, watching TV

Likes: Hanging out with his mates on the beach and online gaming

Favourite food: Fish and chips

Other interesting facts: Lives next door to Holly and Matt, was saved by an RNLI lifeguard 2 years ago when he was caught up in a rip current and almost dragged out to sea​


Age: 15

Best friends: Ali, Matt and Holly

Character: She loves being part of a group, is very helpful, she has a pet cat called Percy and is vegetarian

Hobbies: Reading and anything creative

Likes: Fashion, mobile phones, music, surfing the net and horse riding

Favourite food: Omelette

Other interesting facts: Amy helps her parents organise fundraising events for the RNLI. Her older brother is an RNLI beach lifeguard


Age: 11

Best friend: Jia and Ali

Character: Very lively, friendly and sporty

Hobbies: Dancing, swimming and netball

Likes: Anything to do with sport which is just as well as she loves chocolate fudge cake and her dog Angel

Favourite food: Sausage and mash

Other interesting facts: Matt is her brother, her dad is a volunter crew member for the RNLI and she lives next door to Ali​


Age: 10

Best friend: Leo and Holly

Character: Very patient and observant, can spend hours looking in rock pools and always finds something new

Hobbies: Swimming and gymnastics

Likes: Reading magazines, making things, texting her friends

Favourite food: Any pasta dish

Other interesting facts: Mum is a swimming instructor at the local pool​


Age: 9

Best friends: Jia

Character: A bit of a dreamer, very creative

Hobbies: Riding his bike, tennis and drawing

Likes: Listening to music, playing on the beach, his pet fish Salt and Pepper

Favourite food: Pizza 

Other interesting facts: Mum is a member of St John Ambulance​


Age: 12

Best friends: Amy and Ali

Character: Friendly, alert, sporty

Hobbies: Running – is a member of the local athletics club, runs on the beach daily. Playing his guitar

Likes: Listening to music and watching films

Favourite food: Chinese food

Other interesting facts: Holly is his sister. His dad is a volunteer crew member for the RNLI. He lives next door to Ali. He would like to become a beach lifeguard when he is older​


Age: 6 months

Best friends: Anybody who takes notice of him!

Character: A bit daft, likes to show off, very noisy

Hobbies: Travelling, he sometimes flies up to 50 miles looking for something to eat, scavenging in local tips

Likes: Company, rooting in bin bags, making a mess

Favourite food: Anything fishy

Other interesting facts: Some of his relatives live to the age of 30


​Check tide times before you go